longevity = integrity

Due to a scarcity of supplies and rising costs in China, we saw an opportunity to create exercise products using recycled steel shot found right here in the heart of the rustbelt. Our commitment to local production and quality control led us to work with domestic cut & sew shops, but we were dissatisfied with the results. So we took matters into our own hands and learned the ins and outs of the textile industry, all while crafting top notch designs. Along the way, we discovered the incredible benefits of supplemental ballast weight for generating bigger wakes on the lake. While existing ballast
bags were sufficient, we knew we could do better. And that's how Shotbag Ballast was born.

Made in America—but even better—Made In-House

We believe that quality assurance means knowing who is building your product each day. After struggling with outsourcing and
experiencing the pitfalls of misplaced trust, we concluded that the only way to maintain uncompromised quality was to build our product in-house. At Shotbag Ballast, we exclusively manufacture our products in house to ensure that quality is never compromised. Our products are built to last a lifetime, so you can cherish your time on the water even more.